Ente Formativo Calzaturiero

A new section of Accademia HModa accredited by the Marche Region, dedicated to higher education in the footwear industry.

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The Ente Formativo Calzaturiero of Marche Region (EFC) is the reality, proposed by Accademia HModa and Valmor (a footwear factory in the Marche region of the HModa Group), dedicated to high-level training in the footwear sector, under the patronage of the Marche Region and the Municipality of Civitanova Marche.

The Marche EFC offers intensive and extensive training courses from beginner to advanced levels aimed at motivated young people and people of all ages who have a particular sensitivity to high-level craft work.

On April 8, 2024, the first edition of the Course for the Training of Technicians Specialized in the Production of Highly Manufactured Footwear kicked off.

The Course provides 600 hours of training (Monday to Friday) and includes 90 hours of theoretical training, 322 hours of laboratory, 180 hours of internship and 8 hours dedicated to the final test, upon passing which the Certificate of Qualification (EQF3 level) of Footwear Series Production Technician will be issued.

Such breakdown of training time is intended to give a strong practical imprint to the course, the purpose of which is to train people ready, then, to get into the thick of work in the company. Confirming this, the goal of the program is to employ at least 51% of the participants in one of the many footwear companies in the Marche region.

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The first edition of the Course, which began on April 8, 2024, takes place in a facility dedicated specifically to this training, located in Civitanova Marche, Via Valletta 2. The facility consists of two classrooms dedicated to theoretical lectures and a laboratory complete with a manovia to simulate the workings put into practice in high-end footwear manufacturing companies (grinder, sole press, pre-assembly, etc.).

In addition to the qualifying training aspect of great value for the Marche region, the project stands out for also paying special attention to the issues of sustainability and inclusiveness: leather scraps and linings will be used as raw materials to make the footwear, attention will be paid to teaching the fundamentals of sustainability in the supply chain in the theoretical lessons, and, finally, the footwear produced will be donated to Caritas Diocesana.

Participation in the Course is reserved for women and men who have completed compulsory schooling, are residents or domiciled in the Marche Region and in possession of the Declaration of Immediate Availability (DID), are passionate about fashion and willing to express their talents by making luxury footwear that parades on red carpets around the world.

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