We are facing a rather ambitious challenge that we take as a great opportunity to change and reflect in order to deploy our skills in order to have an enterprise consciousness that allows us to be responsible, strong and enthusiastic about the tomorrow we are creating together.

Veronica Bovo
CSO Holding Industriale

The commitment of the Group companies

Each Group company is a unique entity that excels in its own sector, but shares a common commitment to sustainability. Each company is committed both to a sustainability path across ESG spheres and to a specific, tailored path for its own reality.

Our route

HModa is committed to pursuing the principles of sustainable development, social responsibility, and transparency.
Our approach to sustainability began with the awareness of the need for a cultural transformation that could provide the Group’s Companies with the necessary tools to improve the well-being of their People and reduce their environmental impact, while ensuring prosperous business growth.


Initiation of a compliance project aimed at achieving environmental, social, and chemical certifications by the companies within the Group.


Alignment of the Group’s sustainability objectives with the European taxonomy and the new CSRD; initiation of initiatives for traceability along the value chain and implementation of projects for improving energy efficiency.



Implementation of optimized circular economy strategies for the group’s companies and initiation of projects for offsetting unavoidable emissions.

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