French Minister Olivia Grégoire visits Italian company Beste of HModa Group to learn about Made in Italy production that fuels the fashion system

16 April, 2024
16 April, 2024

The role of Made in Italy in the context of global luxury: Minister Olivia Grégoire's visit to Beste SpA, an HModa Group company

Beste – a company of the HModa Group and a point of reference in the Italian and international panorama for textile production and garment making – welcomed in the afternoon of Monday, April 15 2024, the Minister of the French Government for Business, Tourism and Consumer Affairs, Olivia Grégoire for a visit to the different production sites in Cantagallo and Prato. In the production scenario, Beste stands out for having built its own fully controlled and traceable production chain since 2001, thus interpreting the excellence of Made in Italy in the luxury sector at the international level.

The meeting offered the Minister the opportunity to explore closely the Italian production reality, characterized by its strong competitiveness despite the sector’s tendency to decentralize production to Eastern countries. The Italian industrial fabric, consolidated over time, continues to support the fashion system and in particular the luxury system globally, blending the rich heritage of craftsmanship with a constant commitment to innovation in production processes.

The collaboration between Italian manufacturing realities and prestigious luxury brands belonging to French groups is a solid and long-lasting bond, according to a dynamic of mutual benefit that represents the true essence of this exchange between supply and demand. It is based on the supply of high-level craftsmanship know-how, rooted mainly in Italian textile and manufacturing districts, which continue to be pioneers in the pursuit of quality and innovation.

Giovanni Santi, CEO of Beste, says, “We are honored to represent Made in Italy in the context of the fashion system and to illustrate our textile and apparel supply chain, which is totally Italian, extends from the raw material to the finished garment and operates, today, throughout the entire country.

Matteo Santi, Managing Director of Beste, continues: “This visit confirms the international recognition of competitiveness and interest in our production system. It is an opportunity to reflect on how crucial it is to invest in the sector in order to maintain world leadership in the development and manufacture of garments made with organic fabrics authentically “Made in Italy,” and therefore with high functional and innovative content.

Claudio Rovere, Founder and President of HModa, added, “We are extremely excited about the visit of the French Minister, Olivia Grégoire, to some of our Group’s facilities, as it highlights the institutional recognition to our commitment in promoting productive, social and economic cooperation, as well as craftsmanship in a partnership agreement between the two countries. Thanks to the French realities, which are strategic partners for HModa, both in terms of business and the fashion system, we look forward to the future of our collaborations with a mutual commitment to building a future of shared and sustainable growth.

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